Research Ethics and Integrity

Promoting good scientific practice

As a reflection of its core organisational values, the University of Derby is concerned to protect the rights, dignity, safety and privacy of research participants, the welfare of animals and the integrity of the environment. The University is also concerned to protect the health, safety and academic freedom of researchers and the reputation of the University as a centre for appropriately conduced, high quality research. Underpinning the standards are the ethical imperatives of Do No Harm (non-malfeasance) and Do Good (beneficence).

All research undergoes effective scrutiny to ensure that University of Derby research is undertaken with regard to clear ethical standards. We are committed to common principles that our research will be for the public good, our research will not harm people or the environment and will be conducted with integrity. 

Our University policy is clear. All research undertaken by staff and students under the aegis of the University of Derby should only be undertaken after effective consideration of its ethical implications with full regard to the University’s Code of Practice on Research Ethics.