Identity, Conflict and Representation Research Centre

Welcome to the Identity, Conflict and Representation Research Centre (ICR). We are a dynamic research community made up of research active people, scholars and creative practitioners who are committed to developing high quality research within the University of Derby.

The Identity, Conflict & Representation (ICR) Research Centre was established in October 2004 as an informal platform for sharing research activities in the School of Humanities.

It was officially designated as a Research Group of the University of Derby in December 2006, and then, in January 2010 it was granted University Research Centre Status.

The ICR is a interdisciplinary Research Centre, made up of over thirty active researchers, view our members.

The ICR Research Centre runs a seminar series for the dissemination of research and scholarship, and provides the opportunity for both research students and academic colleagues to present papers and to test work in progress.

It has always sought to attract new post-graduate research students, whilst informing the curriculum and feeding into post-graduate initiatives at both Masters and M.Phil/PhD levels.

Since its formation, the ICR Research Centre has grown in terms of strength, number, achievement and output including: