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‘To be the ‘go to’ organisation for teaching and learning activities which result in innovation in practice and create the careers sector thought leaders of the future both within the UK and beyond’

Over the past 20 years, iCeGS has been established as a centre of excellence within the career guidance sector providing research, development and consultancy services to a range of public and private sector organisations. Our work across all areas of adult and young people’s career learning, information, advice and guidance services provides us with a strong knowledge base of the needs of career guidance practitioners. iCeGS mission is to extend good practice in the field of guidance and lifelong learning, bridging the gap between managers, practitioners, researchers and policy-makers.

iCeGS is committed to

All activities undertaken by iCeGS and its associates reflect these commitments.

We construct training needs analysis, bespoke training and accredited work-related learning programmes that focus on meeting organisations and practitioners professional practice needs. All programmes are delivered by highly experienced iCeGS staff and Associates and can be delivered on-site. For further information contact Nicki Moore on 01332 591578 or email



Student talking to camera about study experience

Students talking about their experiences on our MA in Careers Education and Coaching. 

This section sets out the programmes of continuing professional development offered by the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) at the University of Derby for those tasked with leading and managing programmes of career development in schools and colleges. The information below will help you think about and select a programme which will help you develop your skills to develop and manage your programme in line with the requirements set out in the Careers and Enterprise Companies document  ‘Understanding the Role of Careers Leader’  in 2018.

More information about how you can get sponsored to follow one of these programmes can be found on the Careers and Enterprise Company’s website.

New dates for 2019/ 2020

We have a number of new dates for 2019 (with more to follow)

Accredited programme

  • Derby: September 26th
  • Black Country: October 1st

Non-accredited programme

  • Derby: September 18th
  • Warrington: September 17th

If you have any questions about these programmes, please contact Nicki Moore at

Certificate of Continuing Professional Development in Career Development/ University Advanced Diploma in Career Development

This 60-credit level 6 course is an applied programme of study and as such much of the learning takes place through the participant’s contextual location and application of new ideas, theories and concepts to their own setting. The teaching approach provides opportunities for Career Leaders to meet and explore issues and to share practice from their settings as well as to develop new knowledge and skills. The work-based element allows the application of learning and further exploration in an appropriate setting. 

What will you study?

  • Theories and concepts of career development (core module)

Two from the following list:

  • Supporting career development
  • Learning for career development
  • Managing career development
  • Work-based enquiry

The Advanced Certificate of Career Development

What will you study?

The Advanced Certificate in Career Development is a 40 credit ‘step off’ award which forms part of a larger 60 credit programme, The Advanced Diploma in Career Development. To complete the Advanced Certificate, learners will need to complete two 20 credit modules:

  • The theories and concepts of career development and
  • Managing career development

Where will you study?

This programme is offered at the University of Derby and you will need to complete an application for this programme through the University of Derby’s portal. It will also be offered in other centres in the East Midlands, West Midlands, The North East and North West of England.  Please contact Tom Staunton at or your local LEP lead to find out where the programme will be delivered in your area.

How will you study?

The programme is delivered through blended learning. The programme will include opportunities for learners to:

  • Undertake small group work projects
  • Engage in debates, seminars, discussions, and meetings
  • Develop practice-based resources
  • Write for a range of audiences including online social spaces.


The programme includes both formative and summative assessment. Assessments have been designed to ensure that learners can demonstrate a wide range of professional understanding, knowledge and skills for assignment reports, professional resources and writing in a range of social spaces and the use of models for reflective practice.


The Advanced Diploma will take one year (3 semesters).

The Advanced Certificate will be completed in 6 months (2 semesters).

Start dates

September and January

Non-accredited careers leaders training

This non-accredited level 6 programme has been designed to meet The Careers and Enterprise Companies’ Careers Leader Training requirements.

The programme is delivered through blended learning. The programme will include opportunities for learners to:

  • Undertake small group work projects
  • Engage in debates, seminars, discussions, and meetings
  • Develop practice-based resources
  • Write for a range of audiences including online social spaces


The assessment of this programme will be through the submission of a portfolio of evidence which will consist of a reflective journal detailing the learner’s journey through the programme and the application of their learning

Examples of artefacts developed through the programme such as

  • sample policies,
  • schemes of work,
  • the outcomes of the Compass self-assessment and a development plan,
  • job descriptions,
  • training plans

For more information about the training available for careers leaders please, please download the Careers Leaders Training Prospectus

If you have specific queries about this course please contact Nicki Moore at



This course incorporates the Qualification in Career Development (QCD), which is the professional qualification awarded by the Career Development Institute (CDI). To find out more about the course click here

This broad programme is rooted in practice and integrates various approaches to providing career support (including career guidance, career coaching and career education).  You will be taught by staff from the International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS), a world-leading centre for the study of career development.  This provides you with a unique opportunity to engage with and learn from recognised thought leaders and influencers in the field.

This flexible course will suit individuals working or wishing to work in a variety of settings within the sector, including education, the community and the workplace.  You will explore theories, policies and practices of career education, guidance and coaching, and the framework for professional practice.

What you will study - You will study modules such as:

  • Career Guidance/Coaching Theory, Policy and Practice,
  • The Framework for Professional Practice,
  • Developing Working Relationships with Clients,
  • Using Career and Labour Market Information, Technology and Social Media to support Career Development,
  • Partnership Working,
  • Research Methods for Developing the Researcher Practitioner,
  • Independent Study.

Where you will Study: University of Derby, Derby Campus at Kedleston Road.

Duration: One year full-time, Two years part-time.

Start Date:  September

For further information please contact: Nicki Moore on 01332 591703, email:


The Centre supports doctoral study related to our areas of interest and expertise. Information about this can be found on our website and on the individual pages of the team’s profiles.

Doctoral students will be supported to pursue their research interests and contribute to the evidence base around career and career development. The programmes are open to national and international students with relevant qualifications and experience.

Recently completed doctorates in the Centre have focused on the evidence base in careers work, continuing professional development, youth transitions in working class communities, and on mentoring disadvantaged young people.

The Centre is current supervising projects around

Staff from the Centre are currently supervising doctoral studies on the following;

  • Employability for Accounting students in Greece
  • The impact of island location on students’ higher education choices and subsequent career narratives: a case study of the Orkney and Shetland Islands
  • Young people’s views on the gig-economy as a career option
  • Parental involvement in career education and guidance in senior general secondary schools in the Netherlands
  • Exploring graduates use of online career-related social networks
  • Professional identity of Environmental Health Practitioners


To discuss ideas for doctoral study please contact Dr Siobhan Neary (Head of iCeGS) email

You can also find out more about doctoral programmes of study on the University of Derby's Research website.

All iCeGS training utilises research undertaken by the Centre to provide participants with skills and knowledge that is on the leading edge of practice. The training packages have been constructed to allow content and materials to be customised and delivered in a variety of settings to meet the specific needs of the commissioning organisation. Current training and support packages include:

Advanced Interview Skills - a three days training package supporting experienced practitioners to review, refresh and enhance their guidance skills;

Interview Skills for Advisers - a two-day programme providing an introduction to guidance for information and advice workers;

Introducing Guidance - a one day training course aimed at managers and those interesting in learning about guidance which develops an understanding of the guidance process and how it supports individual progression;

Effective Advice and Guidance by Telephone - a one day workshop to introduce and support practitioners in the delivery of quality provision using the telephone;

Theory for Effective Careers Guidance - a one day workshop supporting advice and guidance practitioners in developing a better understating of career theory and how it supports practice; and

Using social media for careers work - this on- day introductory training course provides a basic overview of what is meant by social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and provides a series of ideas and examples of how these technologies can be used in careers work. The course is hands on and participants will need to be able to access a computer throughout the day.

Evaluating school and college career guidance programmes – This one-day workshop will introduce the concepts and approaches of evaluation. The workshop will demonstrate how evaluation tools can be used to measure and demonstrate impact. Delegates will consider the evaluation strategies required to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks of good career guidance. Delegates will leave with a draft evaluation plan for their organisation.

For information about these programmes please contact Nicki Moore at

We have also worked in more strategic ways with organisations, for example:

  • a strategic organisational development for university careers services in China and Malaysia;
  • staff development and service development in the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and Mauritius;
  • a training needs analysis for the education sector in Kosovo (the use of ICT in education) which resulted in the development of national occupational standards; and
  • bespoke training to career development staff working on National Careers Service contracts.

If you would like to discuss your organisations training and development needs, please contact Nicki Moore at  or telephone 01332 591578

Visiting iCeGS to support your studies

The team at iCeGS are happy to welcome visitors to the Centre for periods of unpaid study. Study visits are self-directed. iCeGS does not offer a structured programme of study, but we can help you to make the most of your stay by supporting you to think through your research methodology, data collection and analysis. iCeGS also has an extensive reference collection of historical and contemporary materials which students can access during their visit.

Some visitors wish to visit the Centre to learn about our taught programmes. The Centre offers a full range of level 6 (final year undergraduate), postgraduate and doctoral programmes as well as several non-accredited, commercial training opportunities and a calendar of events which support the continuing professional development needs of the sector.

Visiting scholars are invited to consider what they can contribute to the work of iCeGS during their visit. For example, you could provide a guest lecture on one of our taught programmes, a seminar, and a presentation at one of our Associate's meetings or by contributing to a journal article or report.

For extended visits of more than one week, iCeGS will allocate a desk (we operate a hot desk system) and access to a computer, WiFi access, and a supervisor/mentor who will be your point of contact during your visit.

You will need to identify your own accommodation for the duration of your visit.

If you are interested in visiting iCeGS for a period of study, you will need to consider several things:

  1. How will your visit to iCeGS complement and enhance your studies or your understanding of the career guidance sector?
  2. How will you fund your visit?
  3. Where will you stay?
  4. What can you contribute to the Centre during your visit?

For an informal discussion about visiting iCeGS, please email Nicki Moore (

You will also need to complete an application form: Expression of interest for visiting academics

Visiting iCeGS to help you develop an understanding of the UK career guidance sector

iCeGS welcomes groups of international visitors who wish to make a study of the career guidance sector in the UK. These visits require considerable coordination and may involve visits to organisations offering career guidance such as companies who supply career guidance services, universities, vocational training providers, schools and professional organisations. Where visitors wish to undertake this type of programme, we provide this service under our commercial business stream. If you want to make this type of visit, please contact Nicki Moore ( to discuss a bespoke programme and the associated costs.


iCeGS Annual Lecture

December 11th 2019 - iCeGS Annual Lecture - The University of Derby, Derby Campus at Kedleston Road


The National Research Conference: Contemporary Debates in Career Development

February 26th and 27th 2020 - The University of Derby, Derby Campus at Kedleston Road


The CDI Student conference

April 8th 2020 - The University of Derby, Derby Campus at Kedleston Road


The National Careers Education and Learning Conference

July 9th and 10th 2020 - The University of Derby, Enterprise Centre