Environmental Sustainability Research Centre

The Environmental Sustainability Research Centre (ESRC) provides students, academics, government agencies, industry and business with exciting opportunities to contribute to urgent global challenges in climate change and sustainable development.

Collaboration to ensure a sustainable global future

Work with our dynamic research team and get involved in projects that confront the issues resulting from climate change and have the potential to influence national and international debate. Help generate ideas and solutions that have long-term environmental, societal and economic benefits in a changing world.

Big global problems need tackling by multidisciplinary teams using a variety of approaches and a unique mix of skills. That’s why the forward-thinking team at the ESRC takes a refreshingly broad interdisciplinary approach. Located within the College of Life and Natural Sciences, it benefits from access to students, academics and resources across the University of Derby in areas like engineering, the built environment and tourism.

Our outward-looking, mutually inclusive research culture means we foster strong working relationships with other leading academic institutions, charitable and philanthropic organisations, governments, international non-governmental organisations and industry leaders.

This intellectually rigorous approach ensures the maximum exchange of knowledge between parties and generates research outcomes that have a significant impact on global problems in environmental sustainability. It also means we are well equipped to find solutions for the challenges of climate change and sustainable development that lay ahead.

Our science

Eco-sustainability and evolution

Sustainable and judicious use of the planet’s limited resources is one of the most important global issues. The continued loss of biological diversity, growing levels of pollution and degradation of ecosystem services are evidence that humans need a better understanding of these key concerns.  Our work ranges from understanding the role and functions of ecosystem components in maintaining life on earth to researching the evolution of animal behaviour. 


Our work ranges from pure geology to landscape dynamics, resource sustainability and lived experience of climate change.  Research includes exploration of sea level change, water change, exploitation of glacial sands and the processes controlling sedimentation. 

Explore our specific research areas

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