Psychology of Paranormal Phenomena Group

The Psychology of Paranormal Phenomena Research Group is an emerging research Group that is just beginning to develop a research profile.

The European Journal of Parapsychology (EJP) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal for research - particularly theoretical and theory-driven empirical work - relating to the field of parapsychology (defined as the study of communication or interaction between organisms and their environment that do not appear to rely on the established sensorimotor channels).

Published since 1975, this journal is now based primarily at the University of Derby. The Editor is Dr Ian Baker, and the Associate Editor is Paul Staples (along with Dr Paul Stevens at Bournemouth University).

The group is coordinated by Dr Ian Baker and has a diverse range of interests:

Ian Baker

I am interested in the electrophysiological correlates of remote staring detection (sometimes referred to as "the feeling of being watched by others"), and the belief, experiences and personality factors associated with this phenomenon. I am also interested in the issues surrounding the investigation of apparitional experiences, including the practicalities, ethics and debates involved in these issues.

Jenny Hallam

My main area of interest is spirituality and earth based spirituality in particular. More recently, I have started work investigating the development of paranormal belief in children.

Kevin Silber

I am interested in the philosophical underpinnings of beliefs in parapsychological phenomena. In particular, how embedded are these beliefs in a dualist philosophy, and are they superimposed on a belief in fatalism or free will?

Paul Staples

My interest in this area began when I was asked to contribute to the teaching of a parapsychology module at my previous institution. My interests are mainly of a methodological nature, I'm particularly interested in the rigour applied to experimental parapsychology. I am currently collaborating with Dr Ian Baker on a systematic review/meta-analysis of the remote staring literature.

Andrew Wilson

In general terms my primary area of research is the sociology of paranormal and apocalyptic belief and practice. I have recently conducted research on representations of millenarian beliefs on British television and also folk beliefs in the divinity of Diana, Princess of Wales. In addition I am currently researching attitudes towards magical practice amongst 'New Age seekers', as well as their spiritual journeys and eschatological beliefs.