our student case study video transcript

My name is Katharina Sickora I did a bachelor in travel and tourism and I did a masters in tourism management. I now work as a PR consultant in PR agency in Germany and responsible for tourism Destinations. I came here today to give a guest lecture to current students what I'm doing now what I did after my graduation and what my has been my journey so far and also to say hi to my lectures. During my Master's I had the opportunity to work with real life company here in the area and it was really great for me because I could already get some feedback on my work how it is seen from someone works in the industry and that really helped me to start off. I would recommend the course because I enjoyed studying here on a smaller campus in a smaller town and especially for me being an international student it was easier to start off with and get in touch with everyone. Well my tips to start up in the tourism industry would be first gain work experience while you're studying. Then also create a very good CV of yourself that tells everything about you and present yourself as good as you can and also just network as much as you can get to know the people and that will that will help you a lot you.

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