Case study

Masters degree helped Farzeen secure her dream job

Farzeen Iftekhar always knew she wanted a job that combined her passion for people and travel. Our MSc in Tourism Management helped her secure her dream role.

Going the extra mile

Farzeen signed up for the MSc Tourism Management after completing the BA (Hons) International Tourism Management because she wanted to further her knowledge of the sector, and she knew it would give her a better chance of securing her ideal role in the travel industry. 

Within two weeks of finishing her masters, Farzeen had started working for specialist tour operator Go West in their Operations Team. In just three months, she was promoted to Operations Co-ordinator, liaising with the company's clients and providing a bespoke service to them. Farzeen is now working as a Travel Consultant at an independent travel agency training other employees. 

Farzeen says: "Studying has given me a better job opportunity as it increased my knowledge and ability to conduct research in depth and advanced my knowledge on management in the tourism industry."

Farzeen credits the academic staff for her achievements. She says: "We had amazing tutors and lecturers who have always been supportive and understanding, which motivated me to study. They went the extra mile to ensure we were all treated equally and all given the extra help we needed to succeed. The staff are very friendly, making it a better educational environment."

Farzeen Iftekhar on her graduation day

My current role was made possible through the experience gained at the University of Derby.

Farzeen Iftekhar
BA (Hons) International Tourism Management and MSc Tourism Management

Extra benefits

While at the University of Derby, Farzeen took advantage of other development opportunities on offer. She explains: "The University is full of opportunities which helps develop personal achievements. For example, I gained an internship over the summer holiday to tour a cohort of students who were visiting from China for a summer school. I really enjoyed it because it was an internship related to my course.

"I was also employed by Buxton and Leek College, which is also part of the University, as a Further Education Enrichment Teacher. This helped me develop my leadership skills as I was working with the College students. Doing the extra work raised my professional profile."