Teaching Assistant Role - Terms and Conditions

Statement of Terms and Conditions

1. Appointment

Your name has been added to the ‘availability list’ of potential temporary workers to whom specific temporary work assignments may be offered from time to time. Each specific work assignment with each individual client organisation constitutes a discrete temporary engagement, which is bound by these terms and conditions. There is no obligation to offer you work and no obligation on you to accept work offered.

2. Start Date and Continuity of Service

Employment and continuity of service exists only for the duration of each work assignment. There is no link of service continuity between engagements nor any link between work assignments with different client organisations even if these are simultaneous or overlapping. There is no accumulation of service relating to the time that your name is on the ‘availability list’.

3. Status and Benefits

As a temporary worker of the University via the Student Employment Agency you are not entitled to any additional benefits. Specifically excluded are the entitlement to reduced academic fees and access to staff development activities.

4. Place of Work, Hours of Work & Rates of Pay

Each work assignment will specify the place(s) of work, the hours of work and the rate of pay. Variations will be agreed between you and the client organisation. Client organisations will be reminded of the provisions of the Working Time Directive relating to breaks and maximum hours per shift/week.

5. Holiday Entitlement

The annual leave entitlement for this post is pro-rata to 28 days inclusive of bank holidays. The leave year runs from 1 September to 31 August.

6. Holiday Pay

In addition to your hourly pay (see clause 4) you will receive holiday pay. Your holiday is paid in respect of your leave as described above. Holidays are allocated to days in each pay period when you are not required to work. The holiday pay is a separate payment and will be added to the pay for hours in the pay period. Details of how the holiday pay is calculated can be found from the following link: http://www.derby.ac.uk/careers/holiday-pay

7. Payment

(i) Payment will be by credit transfer into your nominated bank or building society on or before the 15th of each month. A list of when each weekly time sheet will be included in a month for payment can be found on the Student Employment Agency website. Payment will only be made if the timesheet is properly authorised and handed to the Student Employment Agency on or before the published cut-off date. It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that timesheets are presented ontime.

(ii) The hourly rate of pay may vary between different work assignments. This and any premiums that may apply for unsocial hours or overtime will be notified to you when each work assignment is offered.

(iii) For the purposes of the Wages Act 1986, you hereby authorise the Student Employment Agency to deduct from your salary any sums due from you to the Student Employment Agency, including any overpayments, loans or advances made to you by theUniversity.

8. Sickness

In most cases, because of the nature of assignments offered, there will be no entitlement to sickness payment. Exceptionally, there may be a right to receive Statutory Sick Pay. No additional sick pay will be given.

9. Discipline, Grievance and Termination

(i) Minor discipline and simple grievances will normally be dealt with between you and the client organisation. More serious issues may be referred to the Student Employment Agency and referred to the University’s procedures.

(ii) The date of termination will normally be agreed at the time of offering the work assignment. Where this is open ended, one day's notice of termination will normally be offered for short-term work assignments and one week's notice for work assignments lasting more than one month.

(iii) The exception to this is where the client has reason to be dissatisfied with your performance, conduct or attendance in which case summary (instant) termination may apply. This is at the sole discretion of the client organisation. In such circumstances, there is no obligation upon the Student Employment Agency to offer compensation or alternative work.

(iv) For any reason should you be unable to attend a work assignment, it is imperative that you inform the Student Employment Agency. Failure to do so will normally lead to appointing a replacement, therefore your work assignment will be deemed terminated. Repetitive or a single significant failure to attend a work assignment or notify the Student Employment Agency of non-attendance will result in removal from the ‘availability list’ with no right of appeal.

10. Pensions

Employees aged below 75 are entitled to participate in the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS), subject to its terms and conditions. As this engagement is for less than 3 months you will not be enrolled into LGPS in relation to this engagement unless and until you meet the requirements under auto enrolment duties. However, you have the right to opt to join LGPS if you so wish. If you are unsure, you are recommended to seek independent financial advice.

11. Health & Safety, Equal Opportunities and other policies

You are expected at all times to act with due care and attention and to observe all policies/requirements of the client organisation including health & safety and equal opportunities and to act as a responsible representative of the University of Derby.

12. Confidentiality

You must ensure that confidential information (in whatever form) is supplied to authorised personnel only and must not be discussed outside of the client organisation. At all times it is imperative that you uphold the confidentiality of information gained in the course of your work assignment.

13. General

The Student Employment Agency reserves the right to amend any part of this contract. Such changes will be notified in writing and you will be consulted prior to any significant changes during a work assignment. If the Student Employment Agency or a statutory act or authority to change any part of this contract then this shall not invalidate the remainder of the contract.