Duncan Aspin talking about our MSc Behaviour Change video transcript

I head up health safety environment quality and sustainability for a construction engineering company called Volker Stevin which is ... the work is all around specialist large civil engineering works and marine works.

I decided to take the Behaviour Change MSc at Derby because it really fitted, not only in terms of the content of the course, but the way that the course was delivered as well.

So with it being a part-time course that helps because, obviously I'm working full-time, and I like the element that we actually come to sessions every term, when we have the three-day study blocks. Because I feel that helps make me feel as I'm connected to the course.

I was a little nervous at the time but it's worth putting in the effort! You have to make it a focus, you have to make it a priority in your life for those three years.

But it's totally achievable and more than anything really worthwhile!

The course for me has made a huge difference in my own skill sets.

I've been able to deal with people much better, been able to help people out in the business more and be able to help the business itself more in designing behaviour change techniques.

It's made me much more analytical, much more critical thinking but, actually, much more rather than just guessing at what behaviour change techniques I might put in place, it's actually having a proper methodical way of actually achieving a behaviour change across the business which I'm finding is producing much more effective results.

Doing this course has actually improved my marketability, hugely!

So it's given me a huge amount of exposure, because people really respect the course, they respect that the skills that you're gaining from this and therefore want to hear what you've got to say.

What I would say to people that were considering doing this course is absolutely, do it! Yes you have to put in the effort, but the rewards you'll get out of it are huge in the skills that you'll gain, in the knowledge that you'll gain, in the ability to do your job even better than you already do it!

Duncan Aspin talking about our MSc Behaviour Change video

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