Teaching Assistant in Forensic Science

Our MSc Forensic Science course is offering paid roles as a Teaching Assistant in the Forensic Science subject area.

Job Description

Closing Date: September 2022 (Date to be confirmed)

Start date: To be confirmed

Pay Rate: £12.33 per hour

Working Hours: To be confirmed with successful candidates

Forensic Science requires students to spend a significant amount of time undertaking seminar and practical activity.

Enthusiastic teaching assistants are required to provide support in timetabled seminar and practical sessions in Forensic Science, working under the close supervision of academic staff and/or technicians in Forensic Science.

You will be expected to manage and deliver seminar and practical sessions within Forensic Science, including some or all of the following duties:

The module leader will provide clear instructions of the content of the session, and you will be provided with all teaching material.

Criteria for the role

Our table shows you whether criteria is essential or desirable for this role.

CriteriaEssential or desirable
First degree in Forensic Science or equivalent qualification or experience and to be enrolled in our MSc Forensic Science Essential
Good interpersonal skills Essential
Self-confident Essential
Patient and empathetic Essential
Enthusiastic approach Essential
Previous experience of teaching and/or coaching Desirable
Knowledge of the education process Desirable
Experience of managing groups of students/athletes Desirable
Ability to interact with students on an individual and group basis and to maintain student discipline Desirable

Applicant Information


If you are interested in applying, please email your CV and expression of interest (cover letter) to Dr Shivadas Sivasubramaniam (s.sivasubramaniam@derby.ac.uk) and Dr Samantha Drake (s.drake@derby.ac.uk)

If you require any further information regarding the MSc programme and content, or the Teaching Assistant position please contact:

Dr Samantha Drake

Postgraduate Coordinator (Forensic Science)

E-mail: s.drake@derby.ac.uk