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The course aims to develop you as an arts professional.
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There's a creative core where you do workshops.
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So today our guest lecturer was Dan Eltringham, and that was very interesting to me because he talked about nature, the different feelings that nature made us have and words we could use.
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There's an employability core where we learn about the business of publishing.
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I've done a lot of writing, a lot of academic writing, but I always felt I'd like to try to write fiction.
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You will work on your writing and hopefully you will extend your imagination.
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I think this course has helped me develop as a writer, you're with a peer group and when you talk about the subject of course you're going to analyse those areas. you're going to become
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you're going to become better at the things you do because you're learning from each other.
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We've got a focus on employability, we will make sure that people get placements that are relevant to their work.
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We'll also point people towards their life after the MA, and that may be through publication, it may be employment elsewhere.
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I've loved that the speakers have took us in to other realms that put you in to areas that might be outside your comfort zone.

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