the Studying MA Education - Pippa Wilkinson video transcript

My name is Pippa Wilkinson and I did the MA in Education. What attracted me to the MA at Derby first of all was that I work full time and the lectures I could fit it around my working schedule. I live in Derby so it's also quite local so that was a factor as well. My highlights for the MA would be the developing leadership capacity module, there was a really good group of us for that module and there was lots of discussion and lots of relevant content that I really enjoyed. I really enjoyed the research conference that was held with a symposium that we could talk about research that people have done for the MA and share ideas with people there. And the the kind of social aspect. I was able to join a sports team while I was here and play for the hockey team. This course has really helped with my career progression because I was able to do a research project that related directly to my job and as a result of having the MA that has also helped with a promotion in my own workplace, so it's definitely helped with my progression.


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