A student's experience of studying the Doctor of Education (EdD) video transcript

My name is Claire Scott and I am studying on the Doctor of Education programme. I'm also a Senior Lecturer here at the University of Derby and I teach on our BEd and PGCE programmes.

I'm currently in my second year and the module I'm studying at the moment is called Philosophy of Research and Practice, so really that's looking at different methodologies which means different ways of carrying out research.

I get to meet people from different institutions and from different professions and we get to thrash out the ideas together which is something I particularly enjoy.

In our first year we had the opportunity to meet some visiting experts who had carried out their doctoral research in other areas which really helped to clarify the different ways we could tackle our own doctorates.

I particularly think we're very lucky in the library that we have, there are some dedicated staff who have already helped me a lot in digging out research journals and so on. I very much enjoy my job here as a Senior Education Lecturer and it's something that I think doing the doctorate can only help to improve because I'm actually researching my own profession and my own practice.

I think without doubt the main advantages of studying at the University of Derby are the other people that you get to work with really high quality support very focused on the student experience and working together to make it all a success.

Studying here it's been exciting, thought-provoking, hard work but well worthwhile.

A student's experience of studying the Doctor of Education (EdD) video

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