Police leaders today have to operate in a transparent, ethical and highly accountable arena - where their decisions are often scrutinised by politicians, the media and the general public. Our new MSc in Police Leadership, Strategy and Organisation aims to fill a gap in provision for individuals with high potential and the capacity to shape the future of the profession.

Meeting 21st century priorities

This exciting course offers a unique combination of the latest business and management thinking, criminology and social sciences - all applied to the complex challenges of contemporary policing. It has been launched at a time of calls for greater public accountability, the growing importance of community partnerships and, in some quarters, a crisis of confidence in the integrity of police services.

Our MSc goes well beyond traditional public sector skills and generic leadership programmes. It gives you an in-depth knowledge of the critical issues surrounding police accountability, independence, policing effectiveness, performance and organisational transformation. It will stretch and inspire you to take your leadership skills to the highest professional standards.

Acclaimed expertise

We have built a reputation as a world-leading provider of police education and we have one of the largest teams of academics with policing experience in any UK university. They include former police leaders as well as academic researchers whose cutting-edge work is helping to shape the national and international development of policing. You’ll also draw on the wider expertise available at the University in areas such as business, law, HR and economics.

Powerful networks

You’ll benefit from the wisdom of some of the most influential figures in policing today. We pride ourselves on a superb network of contacts, from chief constables and crime commissioners, to the representatives from national policing organisations such as Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, the College of Policing, the Chartered Management Institute and representatives of the private sector. They have played a key role in the design of our course to ensure it matches the needs of the profession today.

These strong partnerships mean we can offer an outstanding visiting speaker programme, enabling you to discuss issues - in complete confidence - with leaders in the field. We also host regular events with organisations such as the Society of Evidence-based Policing and the British Society of Criminology.

A truly global outlook

Our approach provides a unique bridge between policing in the UK and the rest of the world. While other police leadership courses focus primarily on the UK and USA, our MSc boasts a broader international perspective and you’ll find yourself sharing insights and experience with senior police officers from around the world.