Professional Development Bursaries (£500)

Our MSc Biomedical Health and MRes Molecular Medicine courses are offering 10 Professional Development bursaries worth £500 to UK and international applicants starting in September 2022.*

Bursary Details

Closing Date: September 2022 (Date to be confirmed)

Confirmation Date: September 2022 (Date to be confirmed)

Start Date: 27 September 2022

Please read the following information in full before applying, emails requesting information contained within this specification will not be answered.

Discipline: Biomedical Health and Forensic Science

Bursary Title: Biomedical Health / School of Human Sciences Professional Development Bursary 

Bursary Amount: £500. There are currently 10 bursaries available to award.* This opportunity is available to all UK and international MSc and MRes applicants starting in September 2022

Responsible to: University of Derby Postgraduate Coordinator (Biomedical Health)

Deadline: September 2022 (Date to be confirmed)


Our aim in the School of Human Sciences is to help our students unlock their human potential! Therefore, we are delighted to launch this new initiative to provide Professional Development Bursaries to supplement the postgraduate study experience.

There are ten £500 bursaries to be awarded to successful candidates on the MSc Biomedical Health and MRes Molecular Medicine programmes*. Once awarded, these can be used to fund additional professional development and career opportunities to supplement the curriculum and provide our postgraduates with a rich skill, knowledge and experience profile upon completing the programme.

In conjunction with your Postgraduate Coordinator, you will agree how best to use the bursary to support your professional development and career aspirations through additional activity/opportunity, which might include activities such as: additional qualifications, training, conference presentations, and work experience.


Applicants are required to draft a maximum 1000-word proposal that details the following:

If you have already secured a place on the MSc Biomedical Health or MRes Molecular Medicine programme starting in September 2022, then please complete the application form below to submit your bursary proposal by the beginning of September 2022 (Exact date to be confirmed). Please note, those with or currently studying for a PG degree are not eligible for this opportunity.

Proposals should be submitted via email to Dr Vadivel Parthsarathy: by the deadline above.

If you have not yet applied to study the MSc Biomedical Health or MRes Molecular Medicine programme, you will need to complete the above bursary proposal submission as well as completing the MSc Biomedical Health application form or the MRes Molecular Medicine application form available through the course pages by the beginning of September 2022 (Exact date to be confirmed). Please ensure evidence of undergraduate degree classification is appended to the application. CV’s and covering letters sent via email will not be considered as they must form part of a formal application. Applicants should quote the reference MSc SHS PDB BH at the start of their personal statement to note a corresponding Bursary Proposal has also been submitted.


Bursary proposal applications will be reviewed on merit and awarded to a maximum of ten candidates that provide the most compelling, rationalised, and realistic plan to maximise the bursary available during the time period October 2022 – July 2023, whilst studying either the MSc Biomedical Health or the MRes Molecular Medicine programme.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome before the end of September 2022 and will then work with the Postgraduate Coordinator to agree the activities to be funded. Successful candidates will be supported in the process of organising and booking such activity, as appropriate. The University will retain the right to deny funding activity that is not deemed an appropriate use of the bursary awarded.

Please do not submit a Bursary Proposal if you have not applied or been accepted onto the MSc Biomedical Health or the MRes Molecular Medicine programme starting in September 2022 as you will not be eligible.

Please note securing a place on the MSc Biomedical Health or the MRes Molecular Medicine programme does not guarantee you being awarded a Professional Development Bursary.

If you require any further information regarding these bursaries or in relation to the MSc or MRes programme, please contact:

Dr Vadivel Parthsarathy
Postgraduate Coordinator (Biomedical Health)

* There are 10 bursaries in total, split over both of the MSc Biomedical Health and MRes Molecular Medicine courses.