BAC - International Educational Pathway

the outside of the BAC college, the logo has blue font

BAC represents a dynamic private institution of higher education with a philosophy dedicated to quality teaching for achieving overseas degrees to meet the demands of the changing market economy and setting standard for the future. It recognises the evolving transformation of Bangladesh into a knowledge-based society that requires the development of a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce.

BAC commenced its journey in January 2010 as a venture of British-American University Bangladesh Trust in a lease hold building, and it is now uniquely positioned in Bangladesh education field as a learning facilitation brand for its programmes.

BAC believes in quality and diversity. Beginning with a handful of programmes leading to United Kingdom qualifications it aspires to gradually expand the route to anchor with institutions of excellence in the United Kingdom under different degree and degree top-up programmes.

BAC’s fair and facilitative access system based on such curriculum mapping to identify workforce development priorities is a perfect fit for Bangladeshi students for an enhanced range of progression pathways for graduates to obtain undergraduate level university award. 


The following programmes are currently running at BAC - International Educational Pathway:


No new enrolments/intakes

Award Ceremonies

Awarding students attend a University of Derby Awards Ceremony held in Bangladesh.