Al Rayyan International University College

Al Rayyan International University College (ARIU) is a successor of the first private University in the State of Qatar, which opened in September 2000 and for more than 20 years has specialised in providing business-related degrees with a tourism, hospitality and international business studies focus. During this period the University was operating under the auspices of Al Rayyan International Education (ARIE) and NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands.

From September 2021 the institution began an exciting chapter in its existence and entered into a strategic partnership with the University of Derby in the United Kingdom. Through this partnership, ARIU offers UK-accredited undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in International Hospitality Management, International Tourism Management, International Business and International Business Management.

ARIU in partnership with the University of Derby will continue its legacy as a higher education institution of excellence and a premier provider of university level education in Qatar, the GCC region, and internationally. ARIU is very well situated to provide students with great opportunities for learning and career development. Its location in the vibrant city of Doha and the GCC region is vital to the institution’s identity and success as a school.


The University has approved the following programmes to run at Al Rayyan International University College:

Bachelor’s Programmes

Master’s Programmes


ARIU enrols students twice a year, in February and September. All the students will be interviewed and enrolled according to the admission requirements and standards of the University of Derby. Once enrolled, the University of Derby provides students with access to the University’s virtual learning environment (University of Derby Online) where online resources and learning materials are available. Students will receive administrative support from both ARIU and University of Derby. The programmes and degrees ARIU offer are the same as those delivered at the University of Derby in the UK, and all graduates receive an internationally recognised UK accredited degree from the University of Derby upon graduation.

Award Ceremony

ARIU usually holds graduation ceremony in June. All graduates are invited to attend the graduation ceremony held at ARIU.

Al Rayyan International University Campus

Al Rayyan International University Campus in Qatar.