our Sports Psychology Certificate of Credit course introduction video transcript

Hi. I’m Dr Phil Clarke and I’m a Lecturer in Psychology and I’m the Module Lead for the Certificate of Credit in Sports Psychology.

Within this module we’ll look at 3 main components.

The first component is the individual factors that influence performance so we’ll look at things like anxiety, confidence, motivation and attention and how that influences the individual’s performance.

The second component we’ll look at is around interventions, so we’ll look at aspects or skills such as imagery, self talk, goal setting. The third component we’ll look at all focuses around the team, so we’ll look at how a successful team is formed, how they interact with each other and getting the most efficient team.

The final aspect within that, we look at is leadership and the important role that a leader has in getting the best out of their athletes.

The module itself is run over 11 weeks. The first 8 weeks is where we cover the content which could include the live classroom sessions but also the discussion board activities where you have an opportunity to post your thoughts and opinions on that weeks’ topic.

Also throughout the content itself, we have a number of exclusive athlete interviews from say 2015 snooker world champion Stuart Bingham or ex Ireland and Liverpool footballer Steve Staunton just to name a few. And the final 3 weeks of the module, you have an opportunity to be working on your assignments to submit in week 11.

Now this module itself or this certificate is really for anyone who wants an introductory level to sport psychology. To get an awareness of what it takes and the mind-set that a lot of the elite level athletes have so that can be someone say a coach, a physio or even an athlete themselves. If you’re interested in the course, please look at derby.ac.uk/online for more information.

Our Sports Psychology Certificate of Credit course introduction video

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