the Psychology in Practice week video transcript

There’s loads of different benefits students get from coming to Psychology in Practice week.

Firstly, you get to meet your fellow classmates which is great, you get to meet the staff and interact with them but also you get to use all the equipment and that’s a really big one because with online it can be sometimes quite difficult; you can see the videos etc of how it works but actually getting there and seeing what the EEG does, having a go at maybe putting the cap on someone or using the phenometer, using the cold press so you know, you get to actually go and get your hands dirty in a supervised environment.

You then get to develop a study and you actually get to collect data as part of a group, whether that’s from using one of these equipments to a qualitative approach to do doing interview focus groups and you have the support of all the staff and supervision of all the staff.

It’s a really really great experience for a student. Psychology in PiP week has been an absolutely amazing week. It’s a very intense week. There’s people from all over the world here and it’s just brilliant.

A lot of students are really apprehensive about it but actually just speak to your academics about it, they’ll tell you it’s really such a good fun experience. There’s a number of students who they’ve been learning with each other for so long that actually they get to put a face to it and really really good friends. So do come along and make sure you enjoy it.

The Psychology in Practice week video

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