our Exercise Psychology Certificate of Credit course introduction video transcript

Hi. I’m Dr Phil Clarke and I’m a lecturer in Psychology and I’m the module lead for the Certificate of Credit in Exercise Psychology.

Within this module we’ll cover a range of topics that are associated with exercise psychology. The first of these will be an introduction to the psychological benefits of partaking in exercise. We’ll also look at the roles that anxiety, depression and stress play within exercise but also the positive benefits that exercise has on those.

We’ll also look at things like the role that the media plays in developing and nurturing an individual’s self-esteem and body image and view of their body image based on what we see out there in the world today.

The final thing that we’ll look at is behaviour change, so how can we get more people physically active and not only to get them to start exercising but maintaining that over 6 months, a year well hopefully for their whole life and have those really positive benefits associated.

This module runs over 11 weeks. The first 8 weeks is where we cover the content, where you’ll have things like the live classroom sessions but you’ll also have the discussion boards activity where you’ll post your thoughts and opinions and any research you’ve found, pertinent to that weeks’ activity. Then in those final 3 weeks is an opportunity for you to be working on your assignment that you’ll submit in week 11.

This certificate is for anyone who’s got an interest or works with people where it’s about getting people engaged in physical activity, so this could be anyone from a personal trainer, a coach, someone who runs a boot camp, looking at ways in which they can improve and developing strategies to enhance what they actually do.

If you’re interested and want to find out more about this course, please visit derby.ac.uk/online for more information.

Our Exercise Psychology Certificate of Credit course introduction video

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