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The University of Derby Online Learning (UDOL) is recognised for being at the forefront of online learning. Individuals from around the world who require a more flexible study option, are increasingly choosing to study with us for the quality of our programmes and the high levels of support that we offer.

We continue to explore the latest research into online study to refine course delivery and increase the success of our online distance learners.

To that effect we are launching a brand new provision that we believe fulfils the growing demand for external CPD within the Education market and differentiates from many e-learning providers.

Some of the reasons why you should choose UDOL as you CPD provider:

  • 100% online giving complete flexibility to the time and place of study
  • Underpinned by academic excellence and research, our CPD courses are supported by our Institute for Education
  • Online Learning Advisors available support learners throughout their studies
  • Our courses will challenge teachers’ beliefs, existing practices and expectations about teaching and how children learn
  • Tools and activities to help build peer support and encourage reflection and further enhance learning outcomes

New CPD courses on offer:

Why online CPD works for teachers

We understand that working within the education sector brings an array of challenges. One of which is the delivery of high quality, effective professional development. We also recognise that if done well, a well thought out and balanced CPD programme can have a huge impact on your pupils’ learning outcomes.

When CPD is prioritised and delivered effectively it can help promote a “motivated, respected and effective teaching staff” in a “culture that enables pupils and staff to excel” as stipulated by Ofsted in their 2015 handbook.

This raises the question of what role does external online provision play in the education sector? We believe it can not only overcome many of the obstacles that exist with the more traditional methods but also deliver on the best practice outlined by the DfE in their “Standard for teachers professional development” July 2016 through employing the latest technologies. Examples include:

  • Value – at an average £18 per hour of CPD, online can let your budgets stretch much further. As a result of having the ability to study anywhere, you will notice a significant reduction in travel costs and staff cover.
  • Flexibility – All our courses can be accessed anywhere on any device. Our learning platform will also support offline learning. Alongside the anyplace, anywhere benefits our learner led courses’ learning materials are available for up to six months, so you can revisit it as and when you need to.
  • Learning Analytics – Provide easy access to MI and a real time insight of learner participation, progress and performance.
  • Quality – To ensure our courses meet high educational standards, they undergo a thorough University academic quality assurance process as well as being authenticated by academic research.
  • Collaboration – Our tutor led courses encourage learners to interact and share best practices with peers and tutors via online discussion boards, therefore learners will get external input from education professionals from all over the country. Where our courses are learner led, the course tasks learners to share ideas with colleagues in their own schools.

CPD provision for non-teaching staff

With the growth of the Academy sector and the professionalisation of support staff there, has never been a greater need to support non-teaching staff with professional development. We have developed specialised CPD courses to develop your non-teaching workforce.

New CPD courses for non-teaching staff

Bespoke Solutions to CPD

Whether you have your own existing course content or a specific need within your school, we are able to provide a bespoke solution. By utilising our experience and know-how we can work with employers seeking to develop their workforce by providing a total solution package, incorporating content development, academic knowledge and online learning hosted solutions.

New Course Development

We know we have a great product, we also believe that our courses will help you improve your pupils’ success, however we are not naive to think we have everything right.

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensuring a relevant, stimulating, well-supported learning experience we invite you to share your thoughts on improving our online CPD within the Education sector.

We welcome suggestions on, but not limited to:

  • Course subjects and content
  • Method of online delivery
  • Funding Challenges
  • Partnership Opportunities

We also hope to organise an advisory panel of individuals within the sector that can help us in developing these solutions further, please let us know if you would be happy to volunteer.

Qualifications beyond CPD

We offer a wide range of professionally oriented postgraduate qualifications. All courses are delivered part-time online, using best practice online learning techniques that are enriched with student support services to optimise the learner’s experience. These include:

Find out more about online solutions for workforce development

Listen to our recording of the Academic Manager, Matt Bromley talking more about why online learning is becoming integral to workforce development. He explains what methods the University of Derby Online Learning use to engage learners and the top ten reasons for businesses to consider its application.

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