Financial Statement Analysis

This module focuses on financial information produced for external purposes by an entity. It will explore issues in financial reporting and focus on analytical and forecasting skills as an aid to decision making.

Topics covered  

Business Taxation

This module allows students to apply and develop further their taxation skills and competencies acquired within the context of the contemporary business environment for both incorporated and unincorporated entities.    The students will gain an understanding of the cost taxation represents to the business as well as how to manage this cost effectively and efficiently.  The module provides the student with an insight into the value that the taxation function can add within the contemporary business setting.  

Change, Challenge and Strategic Leadership

This final module brings together your learning on all previous modules, to help you explore the global challenges involved in successful strategic leadership.

It will enable you to evaluate the major changes taking place in the business environment and how these impact on the different strategic and management approaches used by complex and/or international organisations. You will therefore be able to develop different types of management strategy, and design management policies, that are appropriate for an era of increasing complexity.

Project Organisation and Management

This module aims to improve your project management skills and awareness, and enables you to lik project management with the ideas and concepts of previous modules.

We will focus on the relationship between operational and project management, in line with the strategic objectives of an organisation. You will learn about the Project Life Cycle (PLC) and explore the first three phases of this in depth.

How will I be assessed?

Negotiated Module in Leadership and Management

Management theory, practice and business technologies are advancing at a bewildering rate. Organisations have a choice

Strategy, Competition and Sustainability

This module provides you with a holistic view of how different organisations manage the development of strategy and policy, in order to respond to changes and develop sustainable competitive advantage. We will also explore the differing theories about this topic among academics and business professionals.

Leading, Managing and Developing People in the Workplace

All managers are required to develop core knowledge and skills in the field of people management. This module aims to develop your understanding of the principle areas of people management, which have been identified by research in this area.

Managing the Dynamic Organisation

Effective managers need to understand the complex, dynamic and systematic nature of the organisations in which they manage and lead staff. Organisational theory can help you do this, and this is what we

Developing Skills for Business Leadership

In the current employment market, successful careers can no longer be built on educational qualifications alone. If you are looking to move into leadership and management positions, you must develop a portfolio of transferable skills at a professional level.