Web Technologies

Web-based systems, web-enabled systems and web-enhanced systems are becoming increasingly prevalent. Emerging web technologies are continuously being introduced, so it’s vital that you understand the current and future architecture, communication, and technological requirements of web technologies.
In this module you will learn about a number of tools, techniques, technologies and architectures, enabling you to decide how suitable specific web solutions are for particular purposes.

Independent Studies

This module provides you the opportunity to consolidate, apply and extend your understanding, skills and knowledge developed throughout the programme. The aim is to ensure that you are able to formulate and tackle real world commercial problems competently, efficiently, independently, and with relevance to a particular problem and/or application. This piece of work should also draw upon your knowledge and experience from your undergraduate degree or experience.

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to:

Object-Oriented Analysis, Design and Implementation

Object orientation is one of the most popular concepts used in designing web applications. You will experience a full development project lifecycle, starting with requirements gathering and ending with documentation and evaluation. Through this, you will learn about the myriad skills and techniques required to bring an application development project to a successful conclusion.

IT Project Management

This module is about the management of IT-oriented projects. You will experience organisational, managerial and professional issues, in preparation for large scale projects in the workplace. You will work both in small groups and individually to critically explore, apply, experiment and evaluate IT project management frameworks.

We’ll use online discussions to collectively explore current established project management approaches.  You will be able to engage in peer-review and present ideas and assessment proposals to gain feedback on your ideas. 

Studying at Masters Level and Research Methods

The Module aims to develop your ability to study at Master’s level and to develop, plan, and execute a project using the processes of research.

On successful completion of this module, you will be able to research, review and critically evaluate current academic literature; demonstrate a critical understanding of a research design and methodological enquiry and to purpose an appropriate research plan, evaluation of the impact of ethical values on academic research. You will also be able to systematically analyse and synthesise researched data and theories.

Module Topics:

Enterprise Networking and Security

This module will teach you about the communications and security that you need to work at management level in Enterprise IT. You’ll explore the concepts of network topologies and protocols, and learn how they are applied to the enterprise. You’ll also learn about the need for systems and network security and develop a clear understanding of the security aspects relevant to enterprise networks.

Database Development

In this module you will develop a critical and in-depth awareness of the theory, concepts, technology, practices, and professional issues involved in the analysis, design, development, deployment, and maintenance to database systems in a global context. You’ll have lots of practical exercises, giving you the opportunity to explore a variety of database products.