Supervisory Practice and Evaluation within an Organisational Context

Following on from the theory and skills studied in the first trimester, we will focus on your personal development in this module – the skills and attitudes required of a senior organisational supervisor. This includes relationship building, problem solving, challenging and goal setting. You'll evaluate your performance as supervisors within an individual, group and organisational level and you'll consider the influence of legal, ethical and professional influences.

Developing Supervisory Practice

This module aims to examine the relationship of theory to practice within clincial supervision. This is achieved by examining theory and epistemology in its wider context and then examining this in relation to the practice of clincial supervision.

It will provide an opportunity to develop or adapt a supervision model or models that have practical as well as theoretical integrity, as well as the chance to reflect on the process of learning that occurs as a result of this module.

Topics you will cover may include:

Applied Cognitive Behavioural Theory

This module explores the various theoretical explanations of cognitive behavioural therapy. You will examine various disorders including Panic, Anxiety and Depression. 

On successful completion of this module you wil be able to critically analyse the contribution cognitive behavioural theory has made to our understanding of human problems.

Topics covered may include include: 

  • Cognitive and behavioural explanations of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the associated theory base