Top five tips for preparing for your studies

Winter break is over and our January trimester is just around the corner! Whether you are just starting or returning to your studies there are plenty of ways you can get ahead of the game while you still have some free time. We recently caught up with Yukari Iguchi, our Academic lead for Hospitality, to ask about her top tips for preparing to start on a course with UDOL. Although these have a Hospitality slant, the tips are generic enough to apply to all of our subjects.

  1. “Always check your University emails”

    Possibly the most obvious point here but a lot of students choose to email their lectures from their work or personal email address. While you may be in this habit, if you are not checking your @derby account, you could be missing out on helpful resources, events and upcoming deadlines!


  2. “Keep your eyes on the industry trade press”

    If you are starting with us this January, chances are you want to or are currently working in the hospitality sector. You may already have realised that this is an ever-changing and evolving one, therefore keeping your ears open to current trends will help when putting theory into practice. Sign up for email alters or follow them on social media.


  3. “If your course is accredited, make use of their FREE resources”

    Many of our courses are accredited by professional bodies who allow you to become a member and access their resources for FREE! These could be a library of materials, invitation to events, or even the chance to network with key business professionals within the sector. Don’t neglect this, it could help you when you’re struggling to find a source.


  4. “Learn from your classmates”

    The great thing about online distance learning is that you can study from anywhere in the world alongside your work commitments, meaning there is a wealth of global knowledge about this sector right at your fingertips. Use discussion boards to talk to your classmates about their jobs, their experiences and thoughts on the industry, we call this social learning, you’ll call this extremely helpful.


  5. “Unsure? Just ASK!”

    If you are in any doubt about anything just ask! No question is a silly question and we are always hear to help. If you are really stuck and unsure who to speak with, contact your Online Learner Advisor in the first instance.

What are your top tips for preparing for restarting your studies? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us at #UDOLtips and we will RT as many as we can.

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