Unit 1: Introduction to Dementia

Introduction to Dementia

In this unit we will look at what dementia is and why it is important.

Unit 2: Communication and Compassion

Communication and Compassion

We will discover the importance of effective communication and will learn how to show compassion.

Unit 3: Independence, Control and Quality of Life

Independence, Control and Quality of Life

We will learn how to help those living with dementia to maintain independence, control and a good quality of life.

Unit 4: Dementia as a Global Health Priority

Dementia as a Global Health Priority

We will analyse whether the needs of people with dementia are met by Governments and organisations worldwide.

Unit 5: Integrating Care

Integrating Care

We will appraise the concept of integrative care and consider why it is important in care generally, as well as in Dementia more specifically.

Unit 6: End of Life Care

End of Life Care

We will evaluate the current approaches to end of life care for people with dementia, maintaining personhood and quality of life.

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