Developed around cutting edge content from the curriculum, our portfolio of online Educational courses, including Masters and Postgraduate Certificates are ideal whether you are looking to study for personal interest or if you are looking for progression and enhancement within the education sector.

Suited for those who are currently working within an educational setting, achieving an Education qualification allows you to demonstrate a higher level of understanding and expertise in key areas of education such as leadership and management or English for speakers of other languages.

Our specialist pathways allow you to tailor your qualification to your professional interests, giving you the ability to become an expert in your field of study with a specialist pathway award. Alternatively, you can exit your chosen online Education course with an online Postgraduate Certificate and still update your skills to complement your career aspirations within a year.

To learn more about each of the online courses and modules available for this area, along with the entry requirements and course fees, please visit the appropriate programme page using the links below. You can then return here to continue reading this chapter of our Guide to Online Learning and find out more about the services and support available to you as one of our online students.

Education MA

Education MA (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Education MA (Leadership and Management)

Education Postgraduate Certificate (English for Speakers of Other Languages)

Education Postgraduate Certificate (Leadership and Management)

Foundation Certificate in Higher Education

Introduction to Innovative 21st Century Teaching

Social Pedagogy: Providing Children and Young People with Nurturing Care and Education

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Now that you have reviewed the programme page, or pages, we hope that you are familiar with the subjects areas, course requirements and study expectations for the course/s you are interested in. It is also important that you are aware of the cost of the course and the payment options available.

So now let’s a look at some of the benefits of online learning, the support available to you and hear what other students have to say.

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Your peers

We know that the value you will gain from the community of fellow students is huge. Here are some student stories for the programme area you are interested in.


This is the most positive university experience I have had (I've been at three universities now!). The level of knowledge, challenge and engagement are perfect and it has really helped me to improve as a professional!

Education MA Student


The university is excellent in helping professionals go back to studying. I had not studied for over 8 years and the introductory units made the transition so much smoother and less daunting.

Education MA (English for Speakers of Other Languages) Student

Your team

From our experiences of delivering online learning we know that it is important to have a great team with you to support you through your studies.

Admissions Advisor

Your dedicated Admissions Advisor is on hand to help guide you to the right programme for you. They will help you to understand the requirements of the programme, what you need to do to apply and to help you to complete your application.

Here’s Matt, one of our admissions advisors, to tell you more about how they will support you.

Online Learner Advisor

Once enrolled, dedicated Online Learner Advisor will be your main point of contact. They will help provide advice and guidance for any non-academic issues such as pace of study, fees and funding and will also be able to assist you in making choices about further study with us, the options available to you and your eligibility.

Here’s Michelle to tell you more.

Academic Lead

Your programme will be overseen by your Academic Lead who is an expert in the field and also has a high level of expertise in online learning, using best practice techniques combined with online teaching methods to ensure your studies are rich and stimulating.

Select the academic from the list below to view their profile..

What to expect

You’ll know by now that online learning provides a flexible way to balance your work with studies. You can learn while you earn, study while you commute and share experiences with fellow students after you’ve put the children to bed.

But what can you expect from online learning with University of Derby? Take a look at the videos below to see members of our academic team talking about what you can expect.

But what about the online part of it? In Chapter 1 you will have seen the Introduction to your online learning environment video and here are some more clips of our academic team talking about what you can expect from the online environment and how it supports your studies.

University Support

We recognise that studying online and at a distance comes with its own challenges and that it’s a very different experience to traditional campus based study. And so the support services available to you have been designed to ensure that you can make the most of your time at the University of Derby Online Learning.

Student Wellbeing

Achieving success in your studies is affected as much by your wellbeing as it is by your academic ability. If you are happy and confident within yourself and your environment, then you will be far more able to achieve the success that you deserve.

Our Student Wellbeing services offer support for anything that may impact on you, your academic performance or your experience as a student, from budgeting and anxiety to managing serious problems. The counsellors are especially trained in supporting students online, no matter the issue.

For students with disabilities, learning difficulties or long-term or mental health conditions, specialist support is also available.  The student wellbeing team will assess your requirements and put Support Plans in place containing reasonable adjustments to the way you are taught or assessed.

IT Service Centre

The IT Service Centre is able to provide assistance if you are experiencing technical difficulties.  They are available 24 hours a day so no matter your time zone, IT support is just a call away.

eLibrary and Resource Centre

The University’s library is accessible to online and distance learners.  Investment has been made to make sure that your reading lists are in electronic format and that there is a wide range of online databases, digital texts and ejournals available to you. 

The team of skilled librarians are readily available to help you navigate the electronic resources and library catalogues and to source any reading materials and texts you may require.

As a UK based University of Derby student, you can also access other libraries via the SCONUL Access Scheme, which enables materials to be borrowed from higher-education libraries across the country.  Many universities, HE colleges and national libraries throughout the UK and Ireland participate in the scheme making their resources widely available.

The library runs a comprehensive schedule of Support Sessions covering a wide range of topics. These live, one hourly webinars cover topics such as study skills, using the virtual library enquiry desk and dealing with assessment anxiety.

Study Skills Advisory Scheme

Developing your study skills is an integral part of studying. It is particularly important if you are returning to study after a long break and lack confidence in this area.

There is a wide range of resources including guides, audio-visual tutorials and live webinars covering: 

  • Writing essays and reports

  • Writing a dissertation or Independent Studies

  • Citing and referencing

  • Reading and note taking

  • Research skills

  • Time management and coping with pressure

  • Reflection and personal development planning

And much more…

Skills Diagnostic Self-Assessment tool

To ensure you have the skills needed for online and academic study, our unique study skills diagnostic tool gives you the opportunity, at any point of your studies, to identify the skills that you are strong at and those which you may need additional help with. The tool will direct you to information and assisted support according to your needs.

Careers and Employment Service

Whether you're just starting your career or are on a well-established pathway, the Careers and Employment Service has lots to offers. Live webinars, career coaching, CV tailoring and online resources are just some of the services that are freely available to help you develop your employability skills and to plan your next career move. The Careers and Employment service is equipped to help you explore what you will need to do to enhance your career and support you in applying for roles.

As an Alumnus of the University, you will have access to the Careers and Employment Centre for up to 3 years after graduation. You can access the service online, over Skype/ Hangout, on the phone, through e-mail or in person at our Derby campus.

What next?

Now that you have worked through this chapter of our Guide to Online Learning we hope that you have all of the information you need to feel ready to submit an application.

The key things that you should consider are:

  • Does the course outline meet your requirements in terms of the subject areas covered and the level of study?

  • Do you understand the amount of study required and the expectations on you in terms of study hours?

  • Are you aware of the cost of the course and the payment options available?

If you can answer yes to each of these, that’s great. Why not give our Admissions Advisors a call to talk through your application or you can go straight into the application form.

Apply now

You can call the Admissions Team on +44 (0) 1322 59 4000 or you can email if you need any help with your application.

We understand that this is an important decision and want to ensure that all of our potential students are well informed. If you are not sure about any of the three points above, please do give us a call on +44 (0) 1322 59 4000 or you can email

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