our International Hospitality Business Management University Advanced Diploma course introduction video transcript

Hello. My name’s Yukari Iguchi. I’m the Academic Lead for Hospitality and Business at the University of Derby Online Learning.

I’d like to give you an overview of the hospitality programmes and tell you why you should be studying these programmes. So we have a range of hospitality programmes from a University Diploma to a Master of Science degree in hospitality management and all these programmes are mainly studied by those people who are actually currently or in the recent years worked in the industry. We recognised those points and we designed the programmes to help you develop your career by discussing your day to day business and apply those theories into the actual practice and then you still can achieve the university degrees or qualifications. By studying these programmes you’ll be discussing your experience, you’re learning new theories and you’re reflecting on the experience and discussing your thoughts and insights with all the other hospitality professionals who are all over the world.

So studying these programmes you’re getting to know the other people who are in the industry but in the other countries and other companies.

So the unique key features of the programmes are, it’s flexible because it’s online so you can study anywhere at any time you like as long as you have the internet. In fact some students also relocate from one country to another which is quite common within the hospitality industry, during their study and nothing stops them from continuing studying. The second point would be you are actually building the hospitality professional network globally by studying each module and then discussing your thoughts and experience with your peers who are in a similar situation and the 3rd point but most importantly, is that this is a university qualification rather than just a professional certificate. You can use the qualification to advance your career because many especially larger companies now require you to have a masters degree to get to a certain point or perform certain roles within the company.

So that’s a really quick overview of the hospitality portfolio at the University of Derby Online Learning. So if you’d like more information, please go to our website www.derby.ac.uk/online. Thank you.

Our International Hospitality Business Management University Advanced Diploma course introduction video

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