the introduction to our online Ergonomics MSc video transcript

Here at the University of Derby you can study ergonomics with a community of people from around the world by online distance learning. We offer Masters Degrees in ergonomics and human factors, health ergonomics and ergonomics with organisational behaviour. All of them are accredited by the Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.

Study materials are accessed via the web where you can also join our online community of supportive and accessible tutors as well as numerous other ergonomics students offering different perspectives on various discussion points.

We tackle applied issues in our virtual workplace where you'll see more of me where we’re evaluating ergonomics issues in the office to dealing with return to work issues in the canteen kitchen.

I do know who you mean. I'm probably not the best person to speak to because I haven't been here that long and she went off not long…

Managing efficiency and productivity issues on the production line.

We’re bottling for the supermarkets and we know how tight they squeeze. We've got to see a 15-20% improvement just to stand still.

We hope you'll choose to study ergonomics at Derby and take the opportunity to bring new skills and theories to your workplace or start a new career in this exciting and challenging field.

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