the introduction to our online Finance MSc course video transcript

Hi, I’m Dr Tony Stevenson and I’m the Academic Lead for our Accounting, Finance and Economics programmes at the University of Derby Online Learning.

Our Master of Finance is designed to give students the basic building blocks of finance covering a number of contemporary issues including financial theory.

Students can specialise in the areas they want to develop their careers in. For example, students entering the financial markets or wishing to become stockbrokers can choose commodities, or those students aiming to work in the risk department can choose Corporate Finance as their preferred specialism.

You also have the opportunity to undertake a piece of research of your choice but many of our students make good use of this time and undertake a piece of research about their workplace or organisation.

Online learning is well suited to a range of people, including professionals already in the work place. With our online learning schedule being online, it allows you to study at the pace that suits you. You can schedule your learning around all the other activities going on in your life. There is much more flexibility available to you by studying your degree online.

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The introduction to our online Finance MSc course video

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