We review our course fees and apply an appropriate price increase at the beginning of each academic year. If you will be studying for more than one year, you can avoid these annual increases by paying for your entire course when you enrol. You'll also benefit from a 5% discount.

Example - for a UK/EU student

By paying the total cost of your course at the point of enrolment, you would receive a 5% discount, reducing the total cost of a course costing £12,600, to £11,970 - a saving of over £600. To take advantage of the discount simply deduct 5% from the full amount to be paid when making the payment.

If for a course costing £12,600 we were to increase our fees by a little over 2% each year, or around £250, you could save around £750, assuming you took 3 years to complete your course. You are not required to make any further incremental payments. Combine this with your initial 5% discount and you could potentially save over £1,200.