The UK is currently experiencing an acute shortage of radiographers whilst seeing exciting developments in technology transforming the profession. This is resulting in an increase of a number of allied healthcare professions outside of the radiology to adopt this skill.

This is a practical course, during which you will have the opportunity to revise your knowledge of osteology and normal image appearances. You will also be focusing on describing abnormal image findings. This course will prepare enhance your existing skills and prepare anyone who may be interested in doing more formal study on this topic in the future.

You will gain valuable insight to help you develop and enhance your practice in the analysis of radiographic images of the appendicular skeleton. A systematic approach to the analysis of images will be emphasized throughout the course which will help you develop skills in describing radiographic appearances and making diagnostic judgements in line with your own professional requirements.

The aim of this course is to provide you with theoretical knowledge and practical skills that you can use in your work environment as you begin your online teaching journey.

This professional development course will provide you with:

  • an understanding of the importance of using the AABCS system when reviewing images.
  • knowledge of the typical common pathologies associated with the adult skeleton.
  • skills and knowledge of the anatomical insertion points.
  • the know-how to describe common mechanism of injury.
  • the ability to understand the importance of radiographic positioning.

Learning and assessment

You will study this course 100% online. It comprises a range of activities including:

  • The ability to formulate a report based on image appearances.
  • Undertaking exercises to help you understand the importance of anatomical insertion points.
  • Reading extracts from texts and academic journals.

There is no obligation for you to undertake every activity, but being involved in all aspects of the course will help you to achieve a well-rounded knowledge of the appendicular skeleton.

There is no graded assessment. Instead, you will receive a badge for each completed unit, and then upon completion of the whole course, you will be awarded with an e-certificate.

Image: Online Radiographic Image Analysis of the Appendicular Skeleton short course

How to enrol for the Radiographic Image Analysis of the Appendicular Skeleton course?

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Course requirements:

The course is widely available for anyone to take part regardless of age or location, or level of education or professional work experience.

You will, however, need access to the internet whether it is on your PC, tablet, mobile or other electronic device. You will also need a valid email address to register on the online learning platform in order to take part in the course.

You will be required to agree to the terms and conditions, which will be available when you enrol, before you start the course.

Learners should have an understanding of the English Language and the ability to study in English.