Applicants should normally have:


  • A minimum of a lower second class (2:2) Honours degree in a pure or applied science (or combination) of a UK university, the CNAA or an overseas equivalent.


  • Qualifications and experience considered to be equivalent to the above. All students applying via this route will be assessed and where necessary will to speak to the Academic Lead via a phone call or Skype.

In addition international students will be expected to demonstrate that they have achieved an IELTS score of 6.5 or above or equivalent.

Exceptionally, entrants not qualified under the above may be admitted by the University where they can demonstrate the potential to achieve the aims and outcomes of the Curriculum. The candidate will also need to demonstrate that their experiences are equivalent to having achieved the 2.2 Honours Degree mentioned above. All students applying via this route will be assessed and evaluated by the Academic Lead.

When assessing a non standard entrant’s suitability for entry onto the programme the Academic Lead will have particular regard to:

  • Level of current qualifications
  • Experience of working in an environmental health setting, the roles undertaken and the level of decision making undertaken
  • Ability to write in a clear, coherent and critical manner
  • Motivation for undertaking the programme
  • Support from employer to undertake programme

To ascertain the above an interview with the candidate may be undertaken, a reference from the employer that details the applicant’s experiences and current role, and the applicant may be asked to undertake a critical written report for consideration.