Total cost of course
UK/EU: £2,250
INT: £2,250
Course length
1 year of part time study
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Pace of study

We recommend around 20 hours of study per week, per 20 credit module.

Assessment method

This course is assessed through 100% coursework with a range of methods such as essays, research reports, presentations, group work and practical reports.

Open Day
09 June

Course code: OLUAI     Level: 6

Dementia is set to be one of the biggest health challenges of the 21st century, and one of the most important issues we face as the global population ages. This University Advanced Diploma in Dementia Care course will prepare you to fight back against this rapidly growing health problem and meet the specific care needs of individuals with Dementia. It will equip you with the skills to formulate an integrated healthcare plan for your service users. 

The Dementia Care University Advanced Diploma course is available to study part time and is delivered fully online. You'll study three modules which address the core aspects of Dementia Care:

  • Partnerships in Dementia Care
  • Social Consequences of Dementia Care
  • Ethical and Legal Aspects of Healthcare Policy and Practice.

You’ll be given the opportunity to develop critical competence in Dementia Care including integrative management approaches and clinical practice development within your own area of expertise.  

Modules have been developed in consultation with the College of Health and Social Care and external consultation. This ensures the programme’s professional standards are met and promotes Continuing Professional Development (CPD) which is essential for health and social care. 

Who is this course aimed at? 

Understanding Dementia care is particularly beneficial for primary care, mental health nurses and community nurses, General Practitioners, public health care workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, care home managers, social workers and those working in the emergency services (including the police and fire services). The knowledge and skills gained from studying this programme will enhance your ability to develop your career and enrich your professional practice.

Benefits of online learning

Studying online gives you the flexibility to study at the most convenient time and place for you. Course modules still operate within a fixed trimester but you can choose to study during the day, in the evenings or at the weekend rather than having to attend fixed lectures.

How will I learn?

You will learn to critically evaluate concepts and ideas through continual professional development and critical reflection within your own field of professional practice. You will develop a critical understanding of external policy drivers and their application to dementia.  In each module you will be provided with opportunities to apply your academic studies to real-life scenarios.

During this exciting online course you will critically evaluate and challenge concepts and ideas. There will be ample opportunity to interact and network with other professionals from around the world, helping you to widen your professional network.

Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) member

UDOL are an active member of the Dementia Action AllianceWe are proud that our positive impact to Dementia through our online courses has been recognised by Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) and we are now an active member of the Alliance.

Programme Specification

Image: PDF opens in a new window University Advanced Diploma in Dementia Care programme specification