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1 year of part time study
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September, January or May
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Course code: PA3AA    Level: 7

For many practitioners becoming a trained Clinical Supervisor is the next step in developing as a professional. Clinical Supervision involves combining: your professional knowledge and experience, a range of relevant theory and practices, with awareness and intuition.  You can further establish yourself and your credibility, while maximising the numbers of people you can work with.

This is the only online postgraduate qualification of its kind in the UK – specially developed for professional practitioners who are providing, or are aiming to provide, clinical supervision to a range of different health professionals including psychologists, nurses, occupational therapists, counsellors and psychotherapists.  The course is completely online, so it enables you to develop and consolidate your knowledge and skills in this very specific area, alongside your current professional life. 

Studying online gives you the flexibility to study at the most convenient time and place for you. Course modules still operate within a fixed trimester but you can choose to study during the day, in the evenings or at the weekend rather than having to attend fixed lectures. You’ve got the control to be able to study when it suits you. You can study one module at a time if you wish to contribute to your CPD hours.

Focusing on you as a clinical supervisor

If you work within a profession where the development of practitioners is seen as vital, then Clinical Supervision is one way in which this, and the quality of service provision, is ensured.  You will study the relevant literature from your specific profession.  During this course, you will:

  • develop the practice skills you'll need to form, maintain and end supervisory relationships

  • analyse a range of supervisory models and educational theory

  • develop an advanced understanding of supervisory structures and processes

  • develop a critical understanding of the approaches you can use to evaluate supervision

  • develop your ability to recognise and work with organisational, ethical, professional and legal influences

  • reflect on and develop your supervision skills.

In addition, an integral part of the process is that you will focus on your self-awareness through experiential learning processes and will also gain feedback on practice. You will develop your presence, impact and authority and will also have fun learning with other practitioners as motivated as yourself.

Online study and interaction – invaluable for this reflective course

As well as all the usual benefits that you get when you study online, such as the convenience of being able to work from anywhere, the Clinical Supervision course is particularly suited to online distance learning because it requires a great deal of flexibility, self-appraisal  and reflection.  This requires time, thought, and the synthesis of accessible theory and practice in different ways.  On this course, if you think of an idea, issue or problem, you can discuss this or post your thoughts (to your Personal Journal or to a Group Discussion Board) straight away. Whereas, in traditional class based learning, such important moments can be lost. 

In addition, this course attracts a range of practitioners from around the world, who work at many different levels, in different organisations. You all have one thing in common, a desire to facilitate others in their professional practice. This course offers you an invaluable opportunity to network and interact with such like-minded individuals in the pursuit of your own learning and growth. For example, you may find yourself discussing subjects such as supervision ethics with a Counsellor working in the UK NHS, a Psychologist working for the United Nations and an academic in a Canadian University.

Membership savings with the Stress Management Society

Accredited by The Stress Management SocietyAs a student on this programme, you will be eligible for discounted membership rates with the Stress Management Society, the UK’s leading authority on workplace stress.


Programme Specification

Image: PDF opens in a new window Clinical Supervision Postgraduate Certificate programme specification

What does online learning look like?

If you're thinking of studying one of our courses, you may be wondering how online learning works and what it looks like. Below are some images from one of the modules of this course. There are two screen shots for you to scroll through which show you what the learning environment and material looks like, with a brief explanation underneath.

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In each course Module, there will be a series of activities that you be asked to complete.
Some of the module activities will consist of discussions in the forum others may be individual activities.