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Types of dementia - Alzheimers disease

The most common type of dementia accounts for an estimated 60-80% of cases.

Life with Alzheimer's

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Brain changes

Hallmark abnormalities are deposits of the protein fragment beta amyloid (plaques) and twisted strands of the protein tau (tangles), as well as evidence of nerve cell damage and death in the brain.


Difficulty remembering recent conversations, names or events is often an early clinical symptom; apathy and depression are also often early symptoms. Later symptoms include impaired communication, poor judgement, disorientation, confusion, behaviour changes, and difficulty speaking, swallowing and walking.

New criteria and guidelines for diagnosing Alzheimer's were published in 2011, recommending that Alzheimer's disease be considered a disease with three stages, beginning well before the development of symptoms.

Living alone with dementia at 92

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