Course taster

End of unit activity: Network review

Time commitment: 1 hour

Post your evaluation on the Activity 1.3 Discussion Board thread*. Your evaluation should be in the range of 500 words.

During the first steps of ethical hacking, a series of tools are used to collect a large amount of data about the network in question. While we have reviewed some of the steps and processes that can be used to collect information about a network, you are required to discuss the methods that can be used to mitigate against network probing. Select one of the nine best practices in system hardening discussed in this unit and evaluate how the step could be improved.

You can suggest a tool to use or a methodology to follow. You are expected to comment and ask questions on at least two of your peers' posts. Do you agree with them? Why, or why not? Respond to the comments left on your post.

*During the online Cyber Security MSc course you will have access to an online discussion board. You do not currently have access to the online discussion board within this taster as it is an example of the type of activity you will receive during the course.