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Sarah Watson

+44 (0)1332 594273

  • Dementia Care University Advanced Diploma
  • Health and Social Care Studies Certificate of Credit
  • Health and Social Care Diploma of Higher Education
  • Integrative Health and Social Care BSc (Hons) Top-Up
  • Integrative Health and Social Care MSc
  • Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care Postgraduate Certificate
  • Nursing Studies BSc (Hons) Top-Up
  • Partnerships in Dementia Care Postgraduate Certificate
  • Perioperative Practice BSc (Hons) Top-Up

Valentina Watson

+44 (0)1332 594143

  • Accounting and Finance BA (Hons) Top-Up
  • Business and Management BSc (Hons)
  • Business and Management BSc (Hons) Top-Up
  • Finance MSc
  • Management Accounting BSc (Hons) Top-Up
  • MBA Global
  • MBA Global Finance
  • Strategic Management MSc

Matt Salisbury

+44 (0)1332 597830

  • Career Management and Employability
  • Computing and Information Technology BSc (Hons) Top-Up
  • Computing and Information Technology University Advanced Diploma
  • Education MA
  • Education MA (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Education MA (Leadership and Management)
  • Education Postgraduate Certificate (English for Speakers of Other Languages)
  • Education Postgraduate Certificate (Leadership and Management)
  • Foundation Certificate in Higher Education
  • Hospitality Business Management University Diploma
  • Information Technology MSc
  • International Hospitality Business Management BA (Hons) Top-Up
  • International Hospitality Business Management University Advanced Diploma
  • International Hospitality Management MSc
  • International Hospitality Management Postgraduate Certificate

Erin Passmore

+44 (0)1332 594279

  • Exercise Psychology Certificate of Credit
  • Health Psychology MSc
  • Psychology MSc
  • Psychology Postgraduate Diploma
  • Psychology University Certificate
  • Sports Psychology Certificate of Credit

Zaneta Gutej

+44 (0)1332 594275

  • Advanced Materials and Additive Manufacturing MSc
  • Clinical Supervision Postgraduate Certificate
  • Cognitive Behavioural Studies and Skills (not a licence for practice), University Advanced Diploma
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapeutic Approaches BSc (Hons) Top-Up
  • Counselling Studies and Skills (Not a License to Practice) University Diploma
  • Environmental Health MSc
  • Environmental Management MSc
  • Ergonomics MSc
  • Ergonomics Postgraduate Certificate
  • Ergonomics Postgraduate Diploma (specialist pathway)
  • Master of Public Health
  • Professional Engineering MSc
  • Psychology BSc (Hons)
  • Public and Environmental Health MSc