Starting September 2018

This Master of Public Health programme has been developed to meet the requirements of the change in the public health landscape, with the Government recently returning responsibility for improving public health to local government. This redeveloped programme will also provide you with a greater choice of optional modules which will enable you to study areas of interest as well as meet your career aspirations.

This Master of Public Health programme is aimed at developing ‘public health workers’ into public Health practitioners, who can lead, develop and evaluate public health projects in a multi-disciplinary environment.

The teaching team for this Master of Public Health programme is made up of public health specialists, environmental health, nursing practitioners and psychologists, reflecting the multi-disciplinary nature of this subject. You will be able to understand and evaluate the wider determinants of health and will be able to critically evaluate a full range of interventions which are available to prevent or mitigate the stressors and thereby protect human health.

By studying on this Master of Public Health programme, you will develop the ability to engage with practitioners across disciplines and professions, to meet both the business case needs of organisations and address public health national and local targets.

On completion of the programme, you will have developed critical thinking and strategic vision resulting in the ability to manage public health priorities; acting as change agents and facilitators of new ways of working.

This is a flexible programme which enables you to choose from highly relevant optional modules to tailor your programme of study to meet your particular interests or professional needs. A number of modules are shared with other programmes such as nursing, health psychology and environmental health reflecting the multi- disciplinary nature of public health and ensuring that you are taught by professionals within their own fields.

If you want to join the current online Master of Public Health in May 2018, you will be able to transfer any credits gained onto the new Master of Public Health course in September 2018 (*subject to the new Master of Public Health being successfully validated).

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