the introduction to our online Counselling Studies and Skills University Diploma video transcript

Hello my name is Yasu Kotera. I’m the academic lead for Counselling Studies and Skills University Diploma at University of Derby Online Learning. This one-year introductory programme is a great starting point for you to think about whether counselling is the profession for you.

This programme consists of three modules covering Counselling skills and Counselling in different contexts and also theories in Counselling. So we cover, for example, attachment theory or CBT or psychoanalysis and we have diverse students. For example, we have students who are company managers or teachers, nurses, lawyers who would like to develop their counselling and communication skills and also we have students from all over the world.

It is very advantageous to this programme because mental health with international perspectives really gives us a deeper understanding of mental health problems. And the flexibility of this programme allows you to study at your own pace. So, for example, we have students who have busy full time jobs and are coming home and after dinner they study for a couple of hours and at the weekend they study longer with more focused time. So we have diverse students with diverse backgrounds and also diverse geographic situations.

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