I have worked as a trainer / educator for 32 years and I love my profession. It has provided me with opportunities to better understand people and their relationships with knowledge and its acquisition.

I began my career in Beauty Therapy over 25 years ago. 

In the early 90's I worked for a college in Buxton, training beauty therapists. My team and I were charged with the task of writing the first degrees for hairdressing, beauty therapy and spa; the work quickly evolved into e-learning. Working for the University of Derby, I have represented them at several International spa conferences and as an ambassador in Korea and Hong Kong.

Between 2004 and 2011, I moved to France and continued to work part time for the University of Derby as an e-course developer and e-tutor for the faculty of 'Culture and Lifestyle'. This enabled me to experience e-learning remotely; facing the same challenges, in terms of access, as my students. I was sireted in France, which enabled me to take French teenagers and adults for English on a 1 to 1, group and residential basis.

In November 2011, I began working as an Academic Manager for the newly formed University of Derby Online Learning. This is an exciting and challenging role which is thoroughly enjoyable. Our department works to implement new operating systems to provide effective online training and development for both undergraduate to post graduate levels of study.

In 2008, I was nominated for an Vice Chancellor Excellence Award for my teaching and in 2014, I was nominated with my department for the Vice Chancellor Excellence Award for ‘Innovative Methods, Systems and Processes’.

In the same year (2014), I was awarded the Vice Chancellor Excellence award for ‘Outstanding Personal Impact of the Year’.


Professional Membership:


Instructional Design and e-learning Professionals

International Society for Technology in Education

The Elearning Guild

Teaching reponsibilities:

Although I do not teach in my current role, I have taught a range of subjects in the past; both in the classroom and online.  These include: Anatomy and physiology, spa management, business management (a range of marketing, human resource management, leadership, entrepreneurship and small business management).


Manchester University

Cert. Ed. (Post Compulsory Education)

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.), International Education

Open University

PG Cert. Online and Distance Education

MA Online and Distance Education

Numerous technical and professional training and assessment qualifications (FE)

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My blog is retweeted and has appeared on the OER Research Hub - Three key issues about Open Educational Resources (OERs)


Online pedagogy. Improving the learning experience, measuring success in online learning, understanding the student experience, digital literacy, internationalisation of the curriculum.

I enjoy learning online and where possible I engage with educational and training programmes to enhance my knowledge and my career. My hobbies mirror my enjoyment of web-based learning, I enjoy creating new artifacts using web 2.0 technologies and engaging with professional online communities of practice.

On a more practical level, I enjoy gardening and a range of health and fitness classes; maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a good work/life balance is important to my family and my wellbeing.