I am a freelance sustainability management consultant with a combination of research and practical experience in the fields of corporate sustainability and responsibility (CSR); sustainable development; strategy, business management, stakeholder engagement and public sector engagement and co-production.

I am an author and lecturer with broad in-depth experience in developing, teaching and managing online programmes at Degree, Master’s and Doctorate levels. Besides teaching and researching, I also consult for businesses, NGOs and governments, in strategic corporate responsibility and governance, sustainability strategy and sustainable investing, international brand strategy and reputation management, and organizational development. Alongside my doctorate in corporate sustainability and responsibility, I continue to work on a number of consultancy projects for clients such as the UNDP, WBCSD, Rolls-Royce, PayPal, NHS, and Derbyshire County Council. Moreover, my consultancy experience spans to multinational stakeholder groups in countries such as China, Brazil, USA, Spain, Germany, Botswana, Nigeria, and Uganda.

Your Thoughts About Online Learning

Having been a remote staff on multiple consultancy projects, I am passionate about the use of the innovative technology to support stimulating student learning experiences. I love the flexibility of teaching online as it allows multi-cultured students to learn from some of the worlds’ most respected academics coupled with the freedom of working anywhere at any time.



  • Doctor of Philosophy of Business Administration (DBA)
  • MA (Master of Arts) in Business Administration - MBA
  • MA (Master of Arts) in management
  • BSC (Hons) in Accounts, Business Management and Computer information systems
  • Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting
  • Diploma in Programme and Project Management – CMI
  • Certificate in Management Consultancy

Professional Memberships

  • Member Chartered Management Institute
  • International Association for Business and Society (IABS)
  • Reviewer - Expert Centre for Sustainable Business and Development Corporation



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  • Traveling – Exploring exotic countries
  • Occasional use of the Gym
  • Playing piano

Research Interests

Sustainability Management, Corporate Social Responsibility. Sustainable Development, International Development, Strategic Operations Management; Entrepreneurship; Strategic Alliances, Social Enterprises, Globalization, Corporate Governance, General Business Management.