University Community Fund supports local groups for young people

Community fund archery 504x257 "A big ‘thank you’ to the University of Derby Community Fund from Stockport CP Society" Ged Rowan, Stockport CP Society Locality Manager

Date posted: 18 August 2017

The University of Derby has awarded two local groups funding to purchase new equipment that will be used to improve young people’s skills and knowledge.

The 3rd Glossop Air Scouts received £500 to purchase a new cooker that will enable them to teach the children culinary skills and expand their knowledge on healthy eating and behaviours regarding social eating.

The Scouts also plan to work with local foodbank and surplus food supplier Fareshare, to start hosting a monthly community meal in the Scout Hut so that local people can come together no matter what their age or background.

Scout Leader Adrian Hopkinson said: “The grant allows the Cubs, Scouts and local community groups who use the scout hut to learn new cooking skills as well as put on events for the enjoyment of many within the local area, something that we’re all looking forward to!”

A local sports group run by Stockport Cerebral Palsy Society (Stockport CP Society) in East Cheshire has also been awarded funding from the University’s Community Fund.

The organisation works with young disabled people, providing them with the opportunity to play a variety of sports in a fun and welcoming environment.

The aim of the project is to improve the confidence and self-esteem of these young people by encouraging them to try new things and challenge themselves. They also get to have lots of fun, improve their social skills and make new friends.

The group has received £1,000 which will cover costs for archery sets, badminton nets and rackets, a Boccia set, and any other items they may need.

Ged Rowan, Stockport CP Society Locality Manager, said: “Our Derbyshire sports groups are very popular and our project is unique because we enable these young people to participate in activities that they may not be able to do anywhere else.

“We consulted with the young people who attend, as well as their carers, about what they would like to see provided and this donation will ensure that we can deliver the services that they said they wanted to see. A big ‘thank you’ to the University of Derby Community Fund from Stockport CP Society and our young sports enthusiasts too!”

Rosie Marshalsay, Head of External Relations at the University of Derby, added: “Local groups such as these can make a huge difference to a community so it’s important that they’re supported and given the chance to thrive. We’re delighted that the funding is being used to benefit young people, opening up the opportunities available to them and giving them the chance to learn new skills and build their confidence.”  

The Community Fund is one way the University gives back to local people. Over the past three years the University has given £37,000 in grants to inspire projects that seek to benefit the community in some way.

In previous years the fund has supported various projects including sports clubs, youth groups and small charities in Derby, Buxton and Chesterfield.

Local projects across the region can apply to the Community Fund for the next round of funding. To apply go to:

For further press information please contact Deanna Mathieson, University of Derby Public Relations Assistant, on 01332 591978 email: