Changes Enhance Experience

Kedleston Road campus 504x257 Changes Enhance Experience

Date posted: 29 October 2012

A new contact point in the Atrium at the University's Kedleston Road site is just one of a raft of changes within Student Support and Information Services (SSS) that will ensure students get the best possible support throughout their time at Derby.

Students will be able to get advice and support from experts at the new contact point, where they will also be referred on to further help and information. A number of additional interview rooms have been created at the altered entrance to B Block which will give students increased opportunities to access confidential one-to-one support.

These changes reflect a recent reconfiguration within SSIS, in which four new divisions were created to streamline the services the team provides to students during their University lives.

June Hughes, University Registrar, said: "The changing Higher Education landscape required us to evaluate our models of student support and administration and gave us the opportunity to make improvements that will have a significant impact on our students' experience.

"By creating four new divisions; the Student Life Programme which brings together student experience, advice, guidance and wellbeing; Academic Services, which brings together timetabling, records and fees, and assessment and awards; Business Change Management which specialises in pulling together data for the Government and business planning; and the Corporate Intelligence Unit which will provide market research, analysis of key data and horizon scanning; we are now in the best possible shape to deliver an effective, efficient service to our students."

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