Artist Sara Makes Her Stand - in Trafalgar Square

Kedleston Road campus 504x257 Artist Sara Makes Her Stand - in Trafalgar Square

Date posted: 16 July 2009

Sara Burden is helping to make art history and she's going to challenge her sense of adventure and courage whilst she's at it.

The 31-year-old mum of one, who works from the University of Derby run business unit Banks' Mill Studios in Derby - and is also known as Crazyartlady - has been chosen to appear on the fourth plinth in London's Trafalgar Square as part of Anthony Gormley's 'One and Other' exhibition.

Sara, who lives in Belper, Derbyshire, won't reveal the details of what she'll be doing during her hour on the plinth but says that her time slot - between 9pm and 10pm on Saturday 18 July - is just right for what she has in mind.

She said: "I'm hoping for an exciting Saturday night when everyone's enjoying the spirit of the weekend and the square's full of revellers.

"This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I'm hoping to take something special from the experience for myself that I can turn into further artwork and hopefully give something of myself to the project, and the people who are there in the Square with me."

The public have been intrigued by the project, which over the course of 100 days will offer 2,400 people the unique opportunity to occupy the empty plinth for one hour, where they can do whatever they like - within the realms of social decency and the law. The critics have been less kind and generally unimpressed.

Sara's dismissive of the critics, saying that the true value of the project will become apparent after the event is over.

She added: "It's been fascinating to watch the project unfold over its first two weeks. There has been a real mix of exhibitors and I get the feeling that people are going to continue to challenge themselves creatively as the weeks go on.

"This isn't supposed to be 'Britain's Got Talent', it's a collective experiment that is shaping itself as it develops over time.

"Art doesn't always make sense when it's happening and often it's the exploration of the experience after the event that reveals more."

Sara creates large, colourful paintings at her studio in Banks' Mill on Bridge Street, Derby, and says that her work is always inspired by her personal experiences. She runs art workshops for adults with mental health issues and helps to set up arts events and festivals in the local area.

Sara, who's originally from Abthorpe in Northamptonshire, moved to Derbyshire last year after completing a degree in fine art at Sunderland University.

She said: "I was looking for somewhere to set up a studio and Banks' Mill seemed perfect.

"There's a good sense of community and it's very inspiring to be working in the same building with other people who are working creatively."

Banks' Mill Studios is a business incubation unit run by the University of Derby. The units offer creative businesses the opportunity to rent subsidised studios and office space with the back-up of business support and training opportunities.


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