Appliance of science gives judo champ the edge

Kedleston Road campus 504x257 Appliance of science gives judo champ the edge

Date posted: 25 June 2014

A state-of-the-art laboratory at the University of Derby Buxton is helping a world-class martial artist in his bid for gold at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

Cypriot Judo legend Andreas Krassas says the University's scientific approach to coaching is key to his campaign - which he hopes will also lead to the Olympics.

University strength and conditioning sports scientist Minas Mina uses the performance lab to find the best coaching regime.

"Minas always has a scientific explanation to justify why I should do a certain exercise in a certain way," said Andreas.

"I find that extremely helpful especially at a psychological level because I'm not just doing an exercise because my coach said so, I actually understand what it's for, where it applies and how it can translate in judo."

Andreas was inspired to take part in martial arts by his grandfather, a Greco-Roman wrestling champion, and he fell in love with Judo in his first lesson.

He has achieved number one in the European Judo junior section, won the first ever gold medal for Cyprus at an official European Judo Union A-Tournament, is the undefeated Cypriot national champion and has won or been placed in world cups and grand prix across the globe.

"I want to win in Glasgow - but my dream is to win the Olympic Games," he said.

And the University will continue to play an important role in his future.

"I would like to thank everyone who has helped, especially Minas. It's essential to follow a sophisticated strength and conditioning programme to perform well but what is even more important is being able to monitor progression through testing.

"The University provides a state-of-the-art performance lab set up by Minas, which allows us to assess my performance and make adjustments," said Andreas.

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