Academics Welcome Report On Careers And Call For Action

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Date posted: 23 January 2013

Academics at the University of Derby have welcomed the findings of today's Education Committee report into 'Career Guidance for Young People', on which they were consulted.

The 'Careers Guidance For Young People: The Impact Of The New Duty On Schools' report, launched at the House of Commons on January 23 (2013) argues that the Government's policy on career guidance has been regrettable, and has led to a decline in the quantity and quality of career guidance for young people.

The Education Committee benefitted from specialist advice from Dr Tristram Hooley of the University of Derby's International Centre for Guidance Studies as it produced this report.

The report found that the decision to close Connexions, a dedicated careers guidance service for young people, has led to a loss of resources and capacity in this area and has endangered the opportunities of young people to gain access to advice and guidance about their educational, career and life choices.

It goes on to suggest that the Government should strengthen the requirement on schools to deliver good quality, professional and impartial careers advice, and calls on it to increase funding to the National Careers Service, so that it is able to work with schools and to support them to deliver an excellent service.

Jo Hutchinson, Principal Researcher at the University of Derby's International Centre for Guidance Studies, said: "It is important that the Department for Education listens carefully to the Education Committee's recommendations. Its proposals to extend the role of the National Careers Service to work with schools, and to strengthen the importance of careers education and work-related learning, are vital in making the Government's current careers policy deliver the best outcomes for young people.

"The proposals suggest practical ways schools can be supported to implement a range of career learning opportunities which will help young people to make informed and considered decisions about their futures.

"Previous research we have carried out has identified a decline in the availability of career support within schools, and has also revealed that schools are crying out for more help and support in delivering on their duties in this area.

"International evidence clearly shows that devolving responsibility to schools without providing strong support will inexorably lead to a decline in provision. Implementation of the types of suggestions made by the Education Committee will represent an investment in career support for young people. This is critical at a time of high youth unemployment and under-employment, changes in access to higher education and the increasing complexity of the labour market."

The International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) is a research centre based in the School of Education and Social Science at the University of Derby. The Centre has expertise in careers and career development. It conducts research, provides consultancy to the careers sectors, offers a range of training and delivers a number of accredited learning programmes up to and including doctoral level.

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