The Fourth Conference on Applied Qualitative Research in Psychology

Left University of Derby Enterprise Centre on Bridge Street

Event date: Thursday, 23 July 2015 at 9.00 AM


Starts at 9am


University of Derby Enterprise Centre

Bridge Street



About the conference:

The Fourth Conference on Applied Qualitative Research in Psychology will take place at the University of Derby, providing a unique opportunity to showcase the benefits of qualitative research in a number of areas of applied psychology.

Invited speakers:

Dr Michael Larkin, University of Birmingham

Dr Michael Larkin is Senior Research Tutor for Clinical Psychology at the University of Birmingham. Dr Larkin has specific interests in the overlapping areas of psychological distress, health and wellbeing, and use of support services. He has contributed to the development of Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis and was a co-author of the book Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis: Theory, Method, Research (published by Sage in 2009).

His research has applied IPA to explore the experience and relational context of embodied experiences such as empathy; the experience of 'loss of control' (addiction, psychosis, eating disorder, unsuccessful dieting), the service needs of young adults with mental health problems and their families, and people's experiences of psychological interventions and services. He has an interest in user involvement, particularly as a means of linking experiential evidence to changes in practice. Dr Larkin has also explored this through the use of participatory approaches, and particularly Experience-based Co-Design.