Professor Paul Gilbert: Inaugural Lecture

Professor Paul Gilbert

Event date: Tuesday, 8 December 2015 at 5.30 PM


Tuesday 8 December 2015


5.30pm - 6.30pm


OL2, University of Derby, Kedleston Road site, Derby, DE22 1GB

About the lecture:

This talk will highlight the serious problems that humanity has with its own brain!

As history has all too readily shown, humans are capable of being the cruellest and nastiest species on this planet. However, we are also capable of being the most compassionate.

Our minds are full of conflicting emotions and motives that evolved to do different things in different contexts. With a better understanding of the interaction between evolved dispositions and socially shaped characteristics, we are well placed to advance human well-being.

Central to this will be the understanding of the value and importance of cultivating compassionate and positive behaviour to self and others. Indeed there is now growing evidence that cultivating positive- or prosocial behaviour to self and others promotes well-being, health and creativity.

Professor Gilbert will argue that this endeavour should be at the centre of our efforts to improve the human condition.