Birth Project Showcase

Birth Project Showcase Public Showcase

Event date: Friday, 17 April 2015 at 2.30 PM


Friday 17th April


Starts 2.30pm


Derby Enterprise Centre and Derby Theatre

Project overview:

The Birth Project will investigate how people with mental health needs, informal carers, health, social care and adult education personnel can take new opportunities to build mutually appreciative and substantively connected communities of hope, trust, compassion, equality and solidarity.

This project is consistent with the Connected Communities ethos. Central themes in this research are the contribution of shared community values and participation to mutual recovery agenda, the ways in which self-reliance can be 'co-produced' to support mental health and well-being in community settings.

Showcase Events:

2.30 Film viewings:

Room A: Art Elicitation with New Mothers

Room B: Art Elicitation with Birth Professionals

Both of these viewings will be followed by a question and answer session.

3.30 Plenary film viewing Mothers Make Art

This will also be followed by a panel discussion with a question and answer session.

5.30 Exhibition Opening with drinks reception

8.30 Theatre Performance, Derby Theatre by Third Angel Theatre

Third Angel Theatre will share a performance based on our research.